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Since my son's Jason's death, my life purpose is to memorialize my son's good heart and kindness, so by donating for a reading I can continue helping others in memory of his name. 
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Jason Kenneth Seraiva


Born here in the Lakes Region, Oct 8th 1982, Jason was indeed a miracle child. When he was delivered I weighed over 3 hundred pounds, I had what back then was called Toxemia and was a type 1 diabetic on top of it. 
I spend  3 months in the hospital under strict bed rest. His birth along with everything that was wrong with me, was a pure miracle that he and I both survived. I knew back then he was a special child.
At the age of 5 Jason became a type 1 juvenile diabetic. It was  his diabetic complications that took his life, way to early. 
Jason was a very talented artist, both in drawing and in music.  
His loves in his life were his 1991 Chrysler Le baron and playing his guitar, as well as trying to find his forever soul mate.
Jason wore his heart on his sleeve, he often helped others before helping himself.

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